We have to be stronger on the ball, the Pivarka is aware

Pilsner is celebrating the fourth prize. In the 8th round of the first league, they won a 1-0 victory on the Teplic field and together with Mladá Boleslav they lost one point to the leading Zlín. The goal at the

We have to play out as well as at home, Bakos said after a draw in Vienna

Attacker Marek Bakos acknowledged that the Pilsen players did not give optimal performance to Austria’s Vienna team in the European League. A free-throw draw is explained by the fact that Viktoria is playing at home at home and in the

France defeated Sweden, Iceland and Croatia without losing

LONDON – The match of the A-group France – Sweden (29:26) culminated in the group stage of the men’s handball tournament at OH 2012 in London. The first four teams from both groups moved to the quarterfinals on Wednesday 8

Kliman ao desafiante em São Marinho para as quartas de final

SAN MARINO – tenista eslovaco Martin Kližan ganhou a reunião osemfinálového 2ª ronda do ATP Challenger Tour San Marino CEPU Open in San Marino ao longo do Portugal Ruiom Machado (82ª no ranking) implantado como um quinto por 193 minutos

Humpback wants Davis’s cup in the living room

BRATISLAVA – This match has not played yet! Larger sporting events than Davis Cup finals, tennis club competitions, Slovakia did not have a verdict. The eyes and ears of all sports fans will be scattered over Slovakia in the next

Head or heart? Olomouc athletes are considering a start in the extralize

On the first Sunday of September, Prague’s Juliska was very happy. The Dukla men, who are here at home, have won the Championship of the republic, but euphoria has blown them mainly from the Olomouc voyage. She got 157 points

Basketball players USK will welcome Euroleague newcomer from Girona

Czech champions have two losses on five matches but after an unconvincing entry into the season they have already played and the last two matches have clearly won. “Especially the win over Castors Braine was very best online betting sites

Slovan returned to the front of the division: In a 11-ball shot, the Swedish HV 71

PIEŠŤANY – Slovenian participant in the Continental Hockey League (KHL) Slovan Bratislava won his last European Trophy meeting in preparation for the new season in Piešťany over the Swedish team HV 71 Jönköping 7: 4 and returned to the leading

Mecier and Kucer agreed, they do not want the Americans

BRATISLAVA – Slovak tennis had to be worshiped by representatives of such a great and historically successful tennis nation such as the Germans on Sunday afternoon chantiach-unwillingly. Dominik Hrbat & yacute; and Karol Kučera, in the past few years, have

Ukrainians against Slovakia without respect: We came here after the victory!

ZILINA – Ukrainian footballers have come to Slovakia with winning ambitions. Michail Fomenka’s coaches are aware that only a three-point win in the Euro 2016 qualifying match in Žilina will actually keep them in the first two races in the